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Trnava autonomous region


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Ministry jobs, sociable thing and family SR
Trnava autonomous region
Municipal office Sintava


    "Nobody is so small that one could not help and it is not large enough to not need help"

    ..... and so we can return to their homes and be grateful for the co-existence with one another and filled it with love and understanding.

    Living in the family is the natural desire of every human being, but some of us are not allowed to operate in an environment equally with others and need more assistance.

    In it home social services for children and adults provide social services to beneficiaries who would at home family environment did not allow his parents, eventually. relatives, current life cycle involvement in working life.

    Using our equipment is affected individual is integrated into the collective beneficiaries of social services; optimal knowledge and personality development of an appropriate activity level and type of disability, the client is assured a team of professionals composed of:

    special educator, teacher, team medical staff, including professional physiotherapist and social worker.

    If you are interested in improving the client's stay in a facility, you can do this deed of gift in favor of the facility, or. show sum of money to account number:
    SK08 8180 0000 0070 0049 1489, Exchequer

    On behalf of clients, their parents and family members are all employees of the Home of social services for children and adults will include
                                                      cordial thanks.