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Ministry jobs, sociable thing and family SR
 Trnava autonomous region
 Municipal office Sintava

Basic information

    Under the Act on Social Services č.448/2008 Zz as amended, is the primary objective of providing social services, among other things natural person to lead to greater independence, autonomy and develop their skills and abilities to strengthen their good habits and self-sufficiency and promote social inclusion.

The care in social service homes for children and adults in Sintava providing quality service to clients, to learn to live their own lives and show them to their own value and strengthen their self-esteem. Creating a pleasant and inspiring environment, useful and interesting activities to fill their valuable year-round, weekly or daily-stay ambulatory. Provide development of their personality by the degree of disability, allowing the self-realization and social integration.

Working with clients in childhood takes place in two areas that overlap and complement each other.

In the field of education is to work with clients focuses on: gross motor, fine motor skills, cognition and communication.

To provide education by enabling clients attending special schools.

Learning self-service and perpetuating good living habits accompany the client throughout his life.

The second area of ​​work with clients in childhood, but also with adult clients is relaxation, which is described in "other therapies".

Our facilities are working with adult mentally and physically disabled people based on two inseparable principles:

1.   First The principle of normalization - the continuation of the realization of the idea of ​​creating the usual family (domestic) conditions for children and youth with disabilities, an attempt to normalize their living conditions in the facility.

2.   Second The principle of integration - builds on the principle of normalization. The goal is that persons with disabilities lived in segregation, to have daily activities, methods and habits as similar as possible to healthy people.

    The basic areas of activity include:

Occupational therapy

In accordance with the Act. 448/2008 RAP Social Services is occupational therapy (ergo) Training activities to learn work habits and skills of a natural person in carrying out business activities under supervision for the purpose of restoration, maintenance or development of physical abilities, mental abilities and professional skills and their integration into society.

Therapy - are activities that allow clients to realize their individual interests, cultural activities, all subject to status and opportunities and to allow clients the best possible contact with the environment and fulfill their integration efforts (cultural, social, sporting and leisure activities).

Other therapies:

HSS other than those laid down for the provision of social services in the HSS, and provides activities that are not explicitly designed for HSS, thus enabling to provide social services according to individual needs, but also wish to HSS clients: music therapy, bibliotherapy, art therapy, dramatotherapy, play therapy, -activity therapy, psychomotor therapy, animotherapy.

The devices also provide strain relief service.

    The working team of employees is covered by Director devices devices through four interrelated sections:
      Organizational structure:

  -   Director of Equipment

  -   Section of ensuring of economic and operationally - technical staff in the number of 3 personnel

  -   Section of ensuring of social services and consulting secure by one workers

  -   Section of ensuring of nursing activities in the number of 7 workers

  -   Section of ensuring of therapy in the number of 2 workers.


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